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Extreme Lights

      This tour is not for the casual wanderer. In our Extreme Lights tours, we go beyond our usual driving range to the iconic photography sites in Iceland. Who doesn´t want a northern lights shot by the famous plain wreck on the black sand beaches to the east, Mt. Kirkjufell to the west or Hvitserkur to the North? Join Arctic Shots for one of the most unique and memorable Aurora/Nightscape photography you will ever experience. We will take you to personally-scouted locations far from the city for the best chance to see the Northern Lights and the nightscape of Iceland. Our northern lights tours depend on the weather forecasts from 3 different sources in the days before your tour to maximize your chance of catching this phenomenon. With us, you will also learn how and where to enjoy and photograph the fabulous nightscapes of Iceland and the colorful dance of the Aurora Borealis, one of the foremost wonders of the natural world. Our guides are professional photographers and certified guides by the Icelandic Tourist Board. In our extreme tours, we head out early in the evening on the hunt of a lifetime, visiting the best locations within a 200+km/125+mi radius of Reykjavik. The final choice of location depends on weather, wind, cloud cover etc. The success of a night’s Aurora hunting depends on many factors; you will learn about the required equipment and camera settings, and how to prepare for the right moment and judge the strength of the Aurora to make sure you bring home the best possible shot. If conditions permit, we may also take a swing at the Milky Way, specific stars, do a bit of light painting and even play with steel wool. With us you will get an unlimited access to our tips, tricks and our personal knowledge/experience of nighttime photography. Experience the emotions that only the Northern Lights and the Icelandic skies can generate. Come and join us, bring your camera and get the shots of a lifetime!

  • Availability: 1st of September - 15th of April
  • We accept photographers from beginners to professionals. Those that are not photographers and only want to chase the lights with us can get a photo taken of themselves with the northern lights (included in the price)
  • Duration: 8-10 hours
  • Departure (Pickup starts 15 minutes before set time and can take up to 30 minutes)
  • September to February at 7.00 pm (unless we contact you ahead of the tour in case of possible early Aurora sightings)
  • March to April 15 at 8.00 pm (unless we contact you ahead of the tour in case of possible early Aurora sightings)
  • Private tours: 169.000 ISK per car (4x4 with seats for 4 max pax). These tours are private to your group. Please note that we don´t provide extra passangers to fill up the 4 passanger quota.
  • If we don´t have a tour available at your desired date, we will try and find you a spot on dates close to the initial one.
  • If that date does not fit into your scedule, we will refund you on the deposit.
  • Pickup and dropoff in the Reykjavik area is included. Dress warmly as it can get cold.
  • Tripods are available for rent at 2500 ISK per tripod.
  • We understand plans can change. So be assured that there will be a full refund for cancellation up to 30 days before your tour.

The fine print:

  • Aurora strength depend on solar activity in the days prior to the tour and we do our tours based on those readings.
  • The Icelandic weather is famous for being constantly changing with cloud cover effecting our view of the sky, stars and of course the Northern Lights.
  • With that in mind, we do read into 3 different weather reports in the days before tours and decide on locations based on these predictions.
  • That is why we cannot guarantee that we will catch lights, but with us you will maximize your chances and be in the right spot to photograph them when they show up.
  • When making deposti please fill in: Name, email, country and pickup location.
  •  RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW with 10.000 ISK deposit.  Pay here   

Please check availability before booking. 


  • Screenshot of the deposit.
  • Your desired tour date.
  • Where you are staying in the Reykjavik area.
  • Whether you need a tripod and if so, how many.

We sincerely strive to enhance your experience of Iceland. 

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Who Are We

We are a group of photo guides, all certified by the Icelandic Tourist Board, who love to share our passion for photography and the Icelandic landscapes with our guests from all over the world.


Alfaskeid 60

+354 822 3353



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Terms & Conditions

Arctic Shots ehf. reserves the right to cancel bookings, change assigned tour guides, prices and tours being sold without prior notice. We reserve the right to change itineraries and/or schedules if deemed necessary because of road conditions, severe weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. 
Bookings can be confirmed before the start of tour by sending us an email at info@arcticshots.is or by calling us at +354 822 3353.
Booking procedure
 All booking requests will be processed within 48-72 hours. Please include the preferred dates, tour guides and tour or custom itinerary requests. We will process booking requests in the order that they were received. Due to extremely high demand, not all tour guides and tour options may be available on your preferred dates. A surcharge can be added during peak season for incidental fees, special booking requests, and preferred tour guide options. If the preferred tour and services is not available, a service representative will be in contact with you about alternative tour options. All tours are done with Arctic Shots ehf. or if necessary, with one of our trusted tour operator partners of Arctic Shots ehf. choosing.
Cancellation right / right to a refund
The buyer can cancel anytime before 21 days prior to the tour date. After this period has lapsed, cancellation requests and refunds will only be processed for force major, sudden illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Within the 21 day period, the buyer must provide proof to show legitimate reasons for the booking request cancellation. Arctic Shots ehf. may cancel tours due to force major or impossible weather conditions where safety of the buyer can not be guranteed. Please contact Arctic Shots ehf. for any additional questions with regards to our cancellation and refund policy.
Please note that the tour prices listed on our website can change without prior notice. Surcharges and additional fees can be added during peak season for special requests, custom tours, preferred tour guide options and other tour add-ons. If there are any additional fees, Arctic Shots will communicate these to the buyer prior to confirming any booking requests.
Taxes and fees
All prices on the website include VAT and invoices are issued with VAT as well.
Arctic Shots ehf respects our clients privacy rights and will hold all information from the buyer in relation to the purchase as confidential. Under no circumstances will information be handed to a third party.
We advise all our clients to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance before traveling to minimize potential personal loss during your trip.
Arctic shots will not be liable for any loss, damage, injuries, illness or death during your tour. Arctic Shots will not be held responsible for changes in tour schedules because of weather or other natural calamity.

Arcticshots ehf is a licenced Travel agency
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